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How to Deform Text

The deformed text effect will make your logo more creative and unique. Unlike other logo design software, you don't need to spend a lot of time and steps to create distorted text. In Logo Designer Pro, the entire process can be completed with just one mouse click.

1Select Text Object

If the text has not been created yet, use the Text Tool to create it. If the text isn't already selected, use the Selection Tool to select it. During the process of distorting text, only one text object is allowed to be distorted at a time. So just select one text object at a time. In addition, it should be noted that before distorting the text, the text needs to be converted into a path object. This means that after deformation, you can no longer set the font, font size, or add or delete characters on the object.

2Twist Text

On the Ribbon Bar, switch to the "Text" category item. Then, find the "Deform Text" toolbar button. After clicking the "Deform Text" button, 28 built-in distortion styles will be listed in the pop-up drop-down box. Move your mouse over a built-in item and you'll preview how the text object will look like after being distorted on the canvas. If you feel that a certain style meets your design expectations, just click Confirm.

preset deform text

3Customized Deformation Path

If you are not particularly satisfied with the above deformation results, you can enter the following customization process. Distorting text essentially uses the "Envelope Deformation" sub-item of the Deformation Tool to deform the text. You can follow the video steps below and use Node Tool to deeply customize the Top Path and Bottom Path to achieve any effect you want.