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How to Pick Colors

1Choose Pick Color Tool

On the Main Ribbon Bar, switch to the "Edit" category. Find the "Pick Color Tool" tool button on the "Edit Tools" panel. Click to select it. As shown below.

Logo Creation - Choose Pick Color Tool

2Choose the most Suitable Options

When the Pick Color Tool is used as the current editing tool, a series of related options will appear on the right control panel. As shown below.

Logo Creation - Pick Tool Options

  • Pick Alpha: The colors seen on the canvas are the final colors generated after all drawing objects are rendered and mixed with the canvas background color. If this option is selected, the color picking tool will pick up the rendered colors of all drawn objects, including the alpha value, but not the canvas background color. On the contrary, if you do not check this option, the picked up will be the final color you see, including the result of mixing with the background color. At this time, Alpha takes the maximum value of 255.

    Here is an example. Assume that an ellipse is drawn on a white canvas in a semi-transparent manner, with the fill color R=0, G=255, B=0, A=128. The background color of the canvas is pure white, that is, R=255, G=255, B=255, then if this option is checked, the picked color will be R=0, G=255, B=0, A=128. If this option is not checked, the picked color will be R=127, G=255, B=127, A=255.

  • Assign Alpha: Check this option, then applying the picked color to the current rendering style will include the captured alpha value, otherwise, it will not.

3Click or Drag Mouse Pointer to Pick Color

If the mouse is not dragged, the color of the mouse position will be picked up. If dragging occurs, a rectangular area with the starting point as the center and the distance between the current position of the mouse and the starting point as the radius is defined. The picked color will be the average of all colors in the area. When the left mouse button is released, the picked color will be set to the current rendering style.