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How to Rotate Objects

1Select objects

If you want to rotate some objects by a certain angle. You first need to select these objects with the Selection Tool.

2Click and Drag for Rotaion

Here are a few feature points related to rotation.

  • Center of Rotation: The selected object or objects will rotate around it.
  • Rotating Handle: Dragging it means that the selected object will rotate with it.
  • Transfer Axis: A straight line segment between the center of rotation and the rotation handle. Usually indicated by a dotted line.

Rotation Feature Points

Move the mouse over the Rotation Handle until the mouse shape becomes a circle. Click the left mouse button, then keep the mouse pressed, and drag the rotation handle to rotate all the selected objects. Rotate to the desired angle and release the left mouse button to end.

Rotate Objects

Move the Center of Rotation: Before rotating the object, you can also move the center of rotation to another position. The method is very simple, that is, use the left mouse button to move to the center of rotation until it is highlighted. Click the left mouse button, keep the mouse pressed, and drag it to the specified position.

Move Rotation Center