EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro

Logo Designer Pro provides you with solution that meets any requirement for design Logos. It offers over 5000 supreme quality logo templates and 6000 vector graphics symbols while keeps 20+ expert Drawing Tools for building amazing logos.

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EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro helps you to develop professional while almost any type of website graphics or business graphics for high resolution printing. It is bundled with over 540+ supreme quality logo templates and 2000+ vector graphics symbols gives you inspiration for logo design. Beside that, It offers a full set of expert vector drawing tools to create unique, eye-catching logos, supports SVG/AI/EMF/WMF/PNG etc. file format.

Main Features:

1 Have the highest quality Logo templates and a lot of resources related to Logo Design

  • Thousands of editable logo templates in pure vector format are available. You can quickly customize the logo graphics applied to your business scenarios with minimal modifications based on the selected template.
  • A graphics library of more than 6,000 pure vector formats is provided. It covers all aspects of the logo design field. In the process of logo production, you can select some of the graphics to join the design at any time as needed.
  • More than 1,000 clip arts based on pure vector formats are available. Compared to vector symbols, clip art has more rich colors and stunning visual impact. You can add all or part of the clip arts to your design according to actual needs.

2 Import and export supports a large number of vector graphics and raster image formats

  • Support logo design import and export vector graphics formats such as SVG, SVGZ, AI, PDF, EMF, WMF.
  • Support logo design import and export PNG, ICO, GIF, JPG, TIFF, PCX, TGA, ANI and other raster image formats.

3 Provides powerful and fully visual vector editing tools

  • The node editing tool can easily add, delete, move, and adjust nodes on the path. With this tool, you can build vector graphics of any shape.
  • The Bezier curve drawing tool is the same as the drawing tool in current popular software, you can use a similar operation to draw extremely smooth curves and arbitrary straight line segments.
  • The freehand tool can draw a series of adjacent line segments by moving the mouse on the canvas.
  • The rectangle can be used to draw a rectangle with rounded corners on the canvas.
  • Ellipse, circle, arc and segments can be drawn on the canvas with the arc tool.
  • Stars and regular polygons can be drawn on the canvas using the star/polygon tool.
  • The spiral tool allows you to draw spirals of any size on the canvas. The radius, divergence and other related options can be adjusted according to actual needs.
  • The spray Tool is able to copy the currently selected element to the location where the mouse is moved.
  • The erase tool removes the selected object that the mouse has touched from the design or splits it according to where the mouse is moved.
  • The color picker helps you capture the color of a point from the design and use it as the color of the next fill or stroke.
  • The flood fill tool is used to fill the connected or enclosed area with the specified color.
  • The magnifying tool is designed to make it easier for the user to edit or view the current design to enlarge or reduce the current working area.

4 Built-in super rendering engine

  • Each vector graphic can be filled in a solid, gradient, image or pattern.
  • Each vector graphic can be stroked in a solid, gradient, image or pattern.
  • It can be specified the stroke width, join style, dash style, cap style and miter limit when stroking.
  • A gradient color tool is provided to intuitively add, delete, adjust or modify colors in the gradient.
  • More than 100 filters are available. Each filter doesn't require any settings, but it can give your design a wonderful effect.
  • Each vector graphic can also be specified to render with different ambiguities and transparency. With these features, you can easily create effects such as glow, shadow, and Bevel Edge.

5 Object manipulation

  • Use the selection tool to select one or more objects, and when selected, you can scale, rotate, translate and skew them.
  • One or more objects can be packaged into a single group object. Conversely, group objects can also be split into separate objects.
  • Supports drawing objects to flip horizontally or vertically.
  • Supports adjusting the drawing order of drawing objects. (Z-Order)
  • Supports drawing objects to align horizontally or vertically with design pages or other selection objects.
  • A shape that supports the shape of one vector object as a clipping path for another object.
  • A shape that supports the shape of one vector object is set as mask to another object.
  • Supports copy, cut, delete, paste graphics, images, text and other objects.
  • Supports layout and management of drawing objects in layers, and also supports mixed mode between layers.
  • Several layout managers are provided to normalize the layout of the drawn objects.

6 Powerful text editing

  • Support for adding multiple lines of text to your design. text, like other vector objects, can be filled or stroked.
  • Support for editing text in place without the need to pop up extra frames.
  • Allows adjustment of character spacing, character height, line spacing, setting fonts, font sizes, and more.
  • Allow texts to be on a path.
  • Text in shape (fill shape following stroke).

7 Rich operation for path

  • Support for converting shape or text into a path. Strokes that include shapes or text objects can also be converted to paths.
  • Boolean operations such as union, intersection, XOR, and subtraction can be performed between the two paths.
  • Support for simplifying paths with different thresholds.
  • Allow texts to be on a path.
  • Path insetting and outsetting, including dynamic and linked offset objects.