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Convert to Path

Any shape or text object can be converted to path. This operation does not change the appearance of the object but removes all capabilities specific to its type (e.g. you can't round the corners of a rectangle or edit the text anymore); instead, you can now edit its nodes. Here are two stars - the left one is kept a shape and the right one is converted to path. Switch to node tool and compare their editability when selected.

Logo Creation - Star Shape Object Logo Creation - Star Path Object
Star Shape Object Star Path Object

Of course you could just convert your text to path and move the letters as regular path objects. However, it is much more convenient to keep text as text - it remains editable, you can try different fonts without removing the kerns and spacing, and it takes much less space in the saved file. The only disadvantage to the “text as text” approach is that you need to have the original font installed on any system where you want to open that ELDP document.

1Find Toolbar Buttons

When the Logo Designer Pro program is opened, click the "Path" tabbed item on the Main Ribbon Bar to switch to this category. Then find the "to Path" sub-category on the panel. you will find the toolbar buttons. As shown below.

Logo Creation - Toolbar Buttons for Converting Objects to Path

2Select the Objects

Use the Selection Tool to select one or more objects to be converted into paths.

3Click Toolbar Button or Press Shortcut Keys

To help logo designers use these functions more conveniently, Logo Designer Pro provides shortcut keys for these functions. As shown in the table below.

Object to Path Stroke to Path
Ctrl + Shift + C Ctrl + Alt + C

Moreover, you can convert to a path ("outline") the stroke of any object. Below, the first object is the original path (no fill, green stroke), while the second one is the result of the Stroke to Path command (green fill, no stroke).

Logo Creation - Before Converting Stroke to Path Logo Creation - Stroke to Path
Before Stroke to Path Stroke to Path