EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro

Logo Designer Pro provides you with solution that meets any requirement for design Logos. It offers over 5000 supreme quality logo templates and 6000 vector graphics symbols while keeps 20+ expert Drawing Tools for building amazing logos.

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Logo File Menu

When the mouse clicks the rounded logo button in the upper left corner of the program, the Logo File Menu is shown as the following screenshot.

logo menu

  • New: Create a new blank logo design. The default size is 584 X 384, the unit is pixel. After the new creation is successful, the length and height of the logo can be adjusted according to actual needs.
  • Templates: This menu command will pop up the template dialog. Users can find the most suitable template in the relevant categories. Then based on it, make the desired logo with minimal modifications.
  • Open: Load an existing ELDP file. the ELDP file is defined by EximiousSoft as project files for logo design. It completely saves all the details during the design process, and it can reproduce the last work results 100% after loading. Logo Designer Pro also supports opening PDF, AI, SVG, SVGZ, WMF, EMF and other vector format files and most image files.
  • Revert: Restore the design to what it was last saved as a document. All changes from save to now will be discarded.
  • Save: Save the current logo design as an ELDP project file. The ELDP file is guaranteed to restore 100% of the edited details after being reloaded. Logo designs can also be saved in vector formats such as SVG, SVGZ, PDF, EMF, WMF etc. vector format files, but some of these formats will lose some information.
  • Save As... : The basic function of this command is similar to the previous Save command. The difference is that this command will pop up a Windows File Selection dialog, allowing the user to choose another file path to save the currently designed document.
  • Save a Copy... : Save a copy of the current Logo design to a file. Unlike the previous Save and Save As functions, the save path of the current document will not be changed after the document copy is saved successfully.
  • Import... : Open an existing vector or raster file. The imported content is inserted into the current design as a composite object. Logo Designer Pro supports importing PDF, AI, SVG, SVGZ, WMF, EMF etc. vector formats and almost all image format files.
  • Export PNG Image... : Export the current logo design as an image file in PNG format. Logo Designer Pro supports exporting some or all of the logo design as an image with different resolutions.
  • Print: Print logo graphic on any Windows compatible printer.
  • Resize Design: Define different width and height for the current logo design page. The width or height defined here refers to the logo page size, not the actual logo size.
  • Close: Close the current design window. If the current logo design has been modified without being saved, the user will be prompted to save the current document before closing.
  • Recent: Select a Logo design document that was recently opened or modified to import now.