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About EximiousSoft

Who we are, what do We Offer, why choose us,and more...

Who we are...

In 2005, a group of young men who dream of making best software for picture editing joined together to create EximiousSoft Studio. Times flys, several years passed by, EximiousSoft Studio was born and grew up step by step. Though there are many difficulties ahead of these young men, it can never stop the passion, diligence and courage of every young men. EximiousSoft is devoted itself in picture edit, design and development and sales of future multi-media related products. Their goal is to offer clients the best and affordable software, workable solution and to save clients’ precious time. This shows consistent mission of EximiousSoft Studio: Clients first!

In the near future, EximiousSoft will remember mission of “made Eximious Software” and offer cost-effective software.

What do We Offer...

EximiousSoft Solutions include:

PDF Editor Create, edit, convert, print, split and merge PDF documents.

GIF Creator Create and edit animated and static GIF images for your web sites.

Logo Designer Design and create professional-looking logos and other business graphics.

Banner Maker Design and edit attractive banners, buttons and other web graphics.

Business Card Designer Design, edit and print professional-looking business cards and other business graphics.

Why choose us?

EximiousSoft has perfect software and superior customer service to make you voluntarily choose us. And we'll spare no effort to answer questions about our product if you contact with us. The most important is that we'll keep improving the functions and performance of our products. We believe that with your support, EximiousSoft products of much higher quality and stability is just around the corner!

EximiousSoft Official Site: www.eximioussoft.com