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How to Duplicate Objects

Duplicate and Clone are more efficient and flexible methods of copying objects provided by Logo Designer Pro. Unlike Copy and Paste, Duplicate and Clone will not copy the currently selected objects to the system clipboard, and are purely a result of execution.

After the Logo Designer Pro program is opened, click the "Object" tabbed item on the Main Ribbon Bar to switch to this category. The leftmost group of buttons is used to perform Duplicate and Clone functions. As shown below.

Logo Creation - Duplidate & Clone Tool Buttons

To help logo designers use these functions more conveniently, Logo Designer Pro provides shortcut keys for these functions. As shown in the table below.

Duplicate Create Clone Unlink Clone
Ctrl + D Alt + D Shit + Alt + D
Relink to Copied Select Original Make a Bitmap Copy
Shift + D Alt + B
  • Duplicate

Make a copy of all selected objects on the canvas and display them in their original positions. Remember: Although the copied object and the original object are completely overlapped, the two objects are independent of each other.

  • Create Clone

Clone also seems to make a copy of all selected objects. But there is a big difference from Duplicate. The each duplicated object and the original object is independent of each other. But the each cloned object just establishes a link to the original object. You can only use the Selection Tool to move, scale, rotate, etc., but you cannot change its fill style and stroke style. It is also not possible to modify path nodes,etc. And when the original object changes, the cloned object will also change.

Logo Creation - Clone Object

The cloned object breaks the link with the original object, so that it becomes an independent object, not related to the original object.

If the copied object exists in the system clipboard. Then the selected cloned object will link to the object in the clipboard instead of the original object.

  • Select Original

If there is a cloned object in the selected objects, then after executing this function, the original object pointed to by the cloned object will be selected, and the cloned object itself will become unselected.

  • Make a Bitmap Copy

Render all selected objects into a bitmap. Then place the bitmap in the original position. This is a way to transform vector objects into a raster object. Once the conversion is successful, all operations related to the vector object cannot be continued on the bitmap object.