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How to Draw Ellipses

1Choose to Draw Ellipses or Arcs

On the Main Ribbon Bar, switch to the "Edit" category. Find the "Basic Shape Tool" tool button on the "Edit Tools" panel. Clicking the icon Baisc Shape Tool Icon will make the Basic Shape Tool the currently active drawing tool. In the options list box on the right, you will see a series of preseted basic graphics.Please select a suitable ellipse/arc style in the second column from the left for subsequent drawing. As shown in the screenshot below.

Logo Creation - Choose Arc Tool

2Draw Oval by Drag

Move the mouse on the canvas near the position of the oval to be drawn. Click the left mouse button, the position will become the center point of the oval. Keeping the mouse pressed down, drag the mouse until the oval has the desired size. Release the left mouse button to end the process.

Logo Creation - Draw Arc Object on Canvas

Tip: If the Ctrl key is pressed during dragging, the height and width of the oval will be stretched or shrinked at the same ratio.

3Adjust Size if Needs

When you have finished drawing an oval on the canvas, you can still adjust the size of the oval. Like the Selection Tool, before you adjust, you need to use the mouse to click to select the oval to be adjusted. Unlike the Selection Tool, the Arc Tool does not support multiple selection, that is, only one oval or arc object can be selected at a time. If you select other types of objects such as text, paths, or other basic shapes (rectangle, polygon, star, etc.), you need to double-click to activate the corresponding editing tool to adjust them. You can adjust the size of the oval by Drag.

When an oval is selected, square-shaped anchor points will appears at the vertex position of the oval. They are used to adjust the size of the oval. As shown below. Move the mouse over the anchor point, and when it is highlighted, click the anchor point, then keep the mouse pressed, Drag the mouse until the oval has the most desired size, and then release the left mouse button to end.

Logo Creation - Resize Oval Anchors Logo Creation - Adjust Oval Dimension
Resize Anchors Adjust Size

Tip:If you press the Ctrl key while dragging, the radius of the oval on the horizontal and vertical axes is equal and becomes a circle.

4Choose Arc Type if Needs

Logo Designer Pro provides three types of Arc objects, namely Closed Arc, Open Arc and Whole Arc. Ovals in the usual sense refers to Whole Arc. See the figure below for specific differences. When Arc Tool is selected as the current editing tool, the corresponding type of button can be found on the options panel on the right. Click it to convert to the specified type of arc Object.

Whole Arc Closed Arc Open Arc
Logo Creation - Whole Arc Object Logo Creation - Close Arc Object Logo Creation - Open Arc Object
Make the shape a whole ellipse Closed shape with two radius Unclosed shape

5Adjust Start & End Angle if Needs

If you need an Open Arc object or Closed Arc object, then you need to set or modify the start angle and end angle of the arc. You can do it in one of the following ways.

  • Change Angle by Drag Anchor:When an arc object is selected, in addition to the square-shaped anchor points used to adjust the size, there are two circular-shaped anchor points used to adjust the start and end angles. But it looks like there is only one anchor point. This is because the two anchor points are completely coincident during initialization. Move the mouse over the anchor point until it is highlighted and click the anchor point. Then keep the mouse pressed, and drag the mouse along the arc until the object gets the most desired angle. Release the left mouse button to end.
    Logo Creation - Change-Angle Anchors Logo Creation - Change Start & End Angle
    Change-Angle Anchors Change Angle by Drag
  • Set Angles directly: After selecting Arc Tool as the current editing tool, the options panel on the right also contains two edit boxes that can directly set the start and end angles. As shown below. Among them, the direction of the angle change is counterclockwise, the change range is 0 to 359. You can enter the appropriate value according to actual needs and press Enter to confirm.

    Logo Creation - Set Start & End Angle