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EximiousSoft Studio is devoted itself in documents editing, graphics design and development  of future multi-media related products. Their goal is to offer clients the best and affordable software, workable solution and to save clients’ precious time. With which, you can easily to create and edit PDF documents, design logos, business cards, web banners etc. business graphics.

EximiousSoft ePage Creator

Flipbook Software

   EximiousSoft ePage Creator helps you to generate stunning digital publications with 3D realistic page-flipping effect. Which like e-books, e-brochures, e-catalogs, e-magazines etc. you can also use it to create fully compatible with industry standard PDF documents. In Addtinal, ePage creator can make ePub and Mobi files for iBook, Kobo, Nook eReaders, and more, output HTML5 page flipping e-books which is of high compatibility with all popular mobile devices: iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Android and other portable devices. Beside that, The progrma has the powerful ablity that it can convert most poplular documents like PDF, Microsoft Word documents, Rich Text Format documents, TXT files to your own publishings. Then, you can embed videos, audios, shapes, texts, buttons and links into publications if needed. Like other common graphics editing program, it alows to be edited each objects visually until you are satisfied with design work. Finally, you can share your flipping publications via an e-mail or other medium, such as Google, Twitter, Facebook, Yahoo, Live etc. We believe that others would appreciate your e-book when they read it.

EximiousSoft PDF Editor

Logo Design Software

   EximiousSoft PDF Editor is a great PDF creation, PDF Editor, PDF conversion, PDF Split and PDF synthesis tool. With it, you can create a new PDF document or open an existing PDF document for editing. PDF Editor very convenient supports insert texts, unique drawn vector graphics, and import pictures from 30 different image file formats into a document. By clicking or drag mouse button, you can select, move, rotate, flip, replace/modify the texts, graphics, images, etc. While similar other common used graphics designer program, It supports strongly layer editing. You can group all selected objects or ungroup the objects which are already grouped. Adjust each object on the page. Delete, copy, paste text, graphics, images, etc. EximiousSoft PDF Editor allows the user to edit text objects like current the most popular word processer program, add, delete/replace characters, change font, font size, bold, italic, etc. PDF Editor can also help you organize PDF pages, support for new pages, copy pages, delete pages, adjust page order in the PDF document, Support for different pages merger and split from the current document. PDF Editor is a powerful document converter among Word, Excel, EPub, Excel, Txt, Rtf etc. format.

EximiousSoft Logo Designer

Logo Design Software

   EximiousSoft Logo Designer is the most powerful and easy-to-use software for logo creation, logo maker. It provides fully vector-based drawing tools. With which, you can create any shape graphics as you desired. 200+ logo templates, 5000+ symbols and more pre-designed gradient styles with high quality are came with it. Any shape and text can be filled or stroken with solid color, gradient colors and images. Anyone, regardless of creative ability, can blend shapes and text into an impressive logo within a few clicks. Logo Designer can be also used to customize high quality professional-looking business graphics such as such as business cards, letterheads, posters and other business stationery etc.. Your design can be saved to image files or printed to your printer directly with high resolution.

EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro

Logo Design Software

  EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro helps you to create professional while almost any type of website graphics or business graphics for high resolution printing. It is bundled with over 540+ supreme quality logo templates and 2000+ vector graphics symbols gives you inspiration for logo design. You can easily modify templates by changing texts, colors and shapes or applying filters and effects.You do not need to have any prior expertise in designing for using logo design software.While get an appealing and professional logo in minutes! EximiousSoft Logo Designer Pro is also a great vector graphics editor program. It offers a full set of expert vector drawing tools for painting freely with your maximized design talent. It include to create versatile shapes like rectangles, arcs, polygons and stars, use pen tool to draw bezier paths and supports freehand drawing with pencil tool. Multi-line texts are enabled and can be edited in WYSIWYG interface. And more, texts could be put on any paths which maybe adds more diversity to logo design choices. These objects maybe filled with solid colors, pattern, radial or linear color gradients and their borders may be stroked, both with adjustable transparency. Created shapes can be further manipulated with transformations, such as moving, rotating, scaling, and skewing. Exclusive Node tools give you the ability for editing single or multiple paths and or their associated nodes. By which, you can create a unique logo for business or personal use.

EximiousSoft GIF Creator

GIF edit software

   EximiousSoft GIF Creator is an easy and powerful tool for creating high quality and impact animated GIF images. Firstly, GIF Creator is a greate image editor. It has all the essential image paiting tools and supports layer composing and visual editing. Secondly, GIF Creator give you the powerful ability to optimize GIF images. With which,  can be get the smallest size GIF images but without quality loss.  Lastly, GIF Creator provides 60+ visual effects to build impressive animations or banners by a simple click. Each drawing element can be made with shadow, outline, or to be cut, copied, cropped, rotated, scaled and mirrored. GIF Creator also provides 100+ image filter to translate or adjust selected images. It can be get the smoothest texts, symbols, and geometric shapes, bitmaps, import and export GIF, PNG,JPG, BMP, PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI, TAG, TIFF, PSD file formats.

EximiousSoft Banner Maker

Banner Maker Software

   EximiousSoft Banner Maker is a powerful software for ceating GIF banner ads. web buttons and headers etc. web graphics. It collects all essential vector-based drawing tools. It supports layer editing and undo, redo anytime anywhere. By which, to draw any shape graphics visually and easily. Banner Maker comes with 200+ web button templeates and 5000+ preseted symbols and may pre-designed gradient style. It also provides 60+ visual effects to build impressive animations or GIF banners by a simple click. Each drawing shape object can be made with drop shadow, glow, reflection, 3D bevel etc. visual effects, and also to be scaled, rotated, mirrored smoothly. Shapes and texts can be filled or stroken with solid color, gradient colors and images. import and export GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI, TAG, TIFF, PSD file formats.

EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro

Banner Maker Software

   EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro is a great graphics editing program. It can help you to easily and quickly create absolutely stunning business banner ads for printing with any high resolution. The second goal it also supports to make more attractive web-based banner ads, facebook banners, web buttons, web headers, unique logos, image ads and other web graphics. It is a full featured graphics program and fast way to build high quality banner images. The application offers 400+ ready-made professional templates,You will find a wide range of professional looking designed banners by different industry categories and industry-standard sizes. The program also provides 500+ pre-designed cliparts & 5000+ vector symbols and 50+ nice filters. This will greatly help you to start the process of banner creation. The program provides a WYSIWYG interface for manipulation of vector images, allowing you to express yourself freely. It offers creation of basic shapes (such as ellipses, rectangles, stars, polygons, and spirals) as well as the ability to transform and manipulate these basic shapes by rotation, stretching, and skewing. It also allows users to manipulate objects precisely by adjusting node points and curves. Advanced designers find these functions indispensable in drawing software to freely create what they imagine. In addition, It allows one to insert text and bitmaps (such as PNG) into an image, as well as perform visual editing functions on them. The last, It supports to import from or export to SVG/SVGZ/AI/PDF/WMF/EMF/EPS/PNG etc. file formats.

EximiousSoft Business Card Designer

Business Card Software

   EximiousSoft Business Card Designer is a greate graphics application for designing professional looking business cards. It brings 200+ pre-designed business card templates, 300+ logo objects and 2000+ shapes. Give you the ablity to create business cards from templates or custom with your own logoes, images, texts, symbols, shapes, lines and curves. Business Card Designer supports visual layer editing and each drawing object can be made with drop shadow, glow, reflection, 3D bevel etc. effects and also to be scaled, rotated, mirrored smoothly. Shapes and texts can be filled or stroken with solid color, gradient colors and images. one is used as a layer to be edited visually and all of them are composed to final products. Business Card Designer supports to print your business cards from local printer or save as images for outside, import and export GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI, TAG, TIFF, PSD,PDF etc. file formats.

EximiousSoft Business Card Designer Pro

Business Card Software

   EximiousSoft Business Card Designer Pro is a great vector graphics design program with full featured tools for creating professional looking business cards. This application comes with 400+ high quality business card templates, 5000+ pre-designed shapes and 500+ attractive clip-arts. You can use from the supplied material to start the layout of your card. The process of designing is based on inserting ready for use elements accessible in the program such as figures, images and the background, and freely shifting them on the prepared project. This Business Card Program lets create great business cards fast, fully customize them using a rich assortment of design tools. The program has the most powerful vector tools for editing graphics. The text objects, shapes including strokes can be converted to paths easily. To paths, they can be edited by Node Tool: moving nodes and Bezier handles, node alignment and distribution, etc. All vector objects can be filled or stroked with solid color, gradient colors, pattern and images. Business Card Designer Pro supports 400+ business card paper for ink jet and laser printers, from Avery, APLI, Hisago, Sigel, A-One ,Printec and other manufacturers. You can print them on your own printer or export your design as pdf or jpg files and bring to a professional printshop for printing.

EximiousSoft Screen Capture

Screen Capture Software

  EximiousSoft Screen Capture is a professional screen capture (print screen) application designed for any Windows user who needs an effortless, effective way to take screenshots of Windows screens. It give you the ablity to take screen shots of various regions, documents, or even specific windows on your desktop using a combination of technologies like hotkeys and its shortcut buttons. With this powerful screen capture tool, you can edit captured images and saved to the most popular file types or print or paste it to MS Word, Power Point, Excel documentations. You can add text annotation, arrows, shapes and other objects and apply stunning visual effects like torn-edge, faded-edge and more to create professional screenshots for inclusion in online tutorials, Word documents, manuals, promotion material, presentations, websites, emails and so on. EximiousSoft Screen Capture has modern "ribbon" interface. It is versatile and extremely easy-to-use.

EximiousSoft Cool Image

Image Edit Software

   EximiousSoft Cool Image is an excellent images editor and images conversion solution. It collects all essential images painting tools such as magic wand, shape selection, pencil, freehand drawing etc. tools. With which, you can easily to cut, copy, crop, rotate, scale, mirror images visually, and also to transform or adjust the selection with preseted 60+ image filters. Cool Image supports layer editing and can be undo or redo anytime anywhere.  Each layer is allowed to have its own alpha channel and all of them will be composed to the final goal product with different blend methods. Cool Image has the ability to capture screenshots as an image from a window or a control in screen. It is also a greate image conversion tool. With which, you can convert image between GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI, TAG, TIFF, PSD,PDF etc. formats freely.