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A powerful tool for creating high quality and impact GIF animation

Main Interface of GIF Creator

The Ultimate Tool for Editing, Optimizing GIF Animations

It gives you the most powerful ability to create GIF animations and edit GIF static images. The program supports to load frame images from video files such as AVI, MP4, FLV etc. popular video formats and convert them to animated GIF images. GIF Creator has all essential image painting tools for editing images. It also provides 60+ preseted effects to create animated GIF images with one click. GIF Creator can produce the smallest size animated GIF pictures but without quality lossless, supports layer editing and undo, redo anytime anywhere.

Edit GIF Animations

Edit visually and easily

If you want to edit or modify an area on the image, you can use the rectangle, ellipse, lasso or magic wand tool to select the area on the image, either alone or in combination. You can then copy, move, and delete images in the area, or use the Fill or Brush tool and other filter tools to change its color and transparency. In addition, GIF Creator supports adding text and other vector graphics to frame images. Among them, each vector object also supports to be filled or stroked with a solid color or a gradient colors. For multi-frame animations, GIF Creator also maintains a list of frames. It is very convenient to add, import or delete a frame or adjust the frame order.

Key Features

Optimize animated GIF images

Optimize animated GIF images

  • Produce high quality and impact animated GIF Images which takes less disk space and to be loaded faster.
  • Previews optimized GIF pictures frame by frame and adjust the optimization options if needed.
Convert Videos to GIF animations

Convert Videos to GIF animations

  • Support for loading image frames from almost all popular video format files like AVI, MP4, FLV, MKV, etc.
  • Support for cutting part of the image frames from the video and converting it to an animated GIF by one clicking.
multiple selection tools

Multiple Selection Tools

  • Image Selection tools includes Magic wand, Lasso and other geometry shape selection tools. With which, select the concerned proportion of an image, and then paint, edit, cut, copy, crop or clear the selection.
  • Press the Shift or Ctrl key to combine the last and current selection areas.
Image Painting Tools

Powerful Image Painting Tool

  • Supports to scale, move, rotate, mirror image layers and paint freely on them or erase proportion visually.
  • 60+ Image Filters. To adjust colors or alpha channels and blur, sharp, denoise selected images layers.
  • Supports layer editing strongly and deeply.
transition effects

60+ stunning transition effects

  • Build vivid GIF animations with the effects by one click.
  • Preview impressive animations which are built by selected effect.
  • Each effect often includes many options for adjusting and setting.
Powerful vector drawing tool

Powerful Vector Drawing Tool

  • The program comes with 5000+ pre-designed symbols. Shapes and texts can be added freely and be filled or stroked with solid color and gradient colors.
  • Provides many text transition effects to create attractive banners within few clicks.
Support multiple image formats

Multiple Image Formats

  • Allows loading images from GIF, BMP, PCX, JPG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD, ICO, CUR, ANI and other formats.
  • Allows to save whole animation or separate frames to GIF, AVI, SWF BMP, PCX, JPG, TIFF, PNG, TGA, PSD, ICO, CUR, ANI ect. files.
Create Animation

Create Animation Easily

  • Supports to add frames, delete frames, duplicate frames, blend frames and adjust order.
  • Supports to load frames from most popular image format file and AVI video file.
  • Resize animation, resize canvas, set loop times and edit delay for selected frames.


  • Optimize GIF Animation
  • Create animation using effects
  • Load Frames from videos
  • Convert video to GIF
  • Draw shapes on GIF
  • Edit with image filters
  • Create animated text
  • Editing text
  • Produce high quality GIF picture (1)
  • Produce high quality GIF picture (2)
  • Produce high quality GIF picture (3)

Quick Download

System Requirements

Windows XP/ Windows 7/ Windows 8/ Windows 10 (64 bit OS recommended)

Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above

Version Details

  • Version: V 7.60
  • Platform: Windows
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