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How to Deform Objects

Transforming the objects in the design will make the logo look very unique and creative. Logo Designer Pro provides multiple deformation tools to help designers deform text, shapes, paths and other objects in the design.

After starting Logo Designer Pro, switch to the "Edit" category item on the Ribbon Bar, and then click the Deform Tool ButtonDeform Tool toolbar button to enter the deformation operation process. There are three types of transformation tools available in the current version of Logo Designer Pro. As shown below. Users can select a sub tool for deformation according to design needs.

Perspective Transform Lattice Deformation Envelope Deformation
Perspective Envelope Lattice Deformation Envelope Deformation

1Perspective Envelope

Transform the object to fit into a shape with four corners, either by stretching it or creating the illusion of a 3D-perspective. For more details please refer to the page How to Perspective Object in Logo Designer Pro.

2Lattice Deformation

Warp an object's shape based on a 5x5 grid. For more details please refer to the page How to Use Lattice Deformation in Logo Designer Pro.

3Envelope Deformation

Adjust the shape of an object by transforming paths on its four sides. For more details please refer to the page How to Envelope Distort Objects in Logo Designer Pro.