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Fill & Stroke Bar

As we all know, the most basic features of rendering vector graphics are filling and stroke. Logo Designer Pro supports the use of solid colors, a set of gradient colors and images for internal filling. The gradient also supports linear gradient and radial gradient. Similarly, Logo Designer Pro also supports the use of solid colors, gradient colors and patterns to stroke graphics. Maybe a successful logo is suddenly placed in front of you, and you may feel the bright light. But all the drawing elements that make up the logo are nothing more than what color or style it is used to fill or stroke. Fill & Stroke Bar is an interactive interface provided by Logo designer Pro to set the fill or stroke style of drawing objects. The following is a brief description of the steps to use Fill & Stroke Bar.

1Select Objects

It should be clear that all types of objects including Shape, Path, Text, Group can be used to set the rendering style. If you want to set or change the fill or stroke style of some drawing objects in logo. You first need to use the Selection Tool provided by Logo designer Pro to select these objects. If two or more objects have the same rendering style, you can select them and set them at the same time. If there are Group Objects in the selected object. Then all the sub-objects contained in this object are set to the same fill or stroke style, and so on recursively.

2Find Fill & Stroke Bar

Since Fill & Stroke Bar is frequently used by designers, The bar is shown by default. Its label is "Fill & Stroke" tabbed item. which is located at the bottom right of the main program window. If the bar is currently inactive, you can click the tabbed item to display it. Fill & Stroke Bar is a more complicated component in the program. It is further divided into "Fill", "Stroke", "Stroke Style" three tabbed pages. As shown below. A more detailed description of the functions of the three sub-pages will be given in later chapters.

Fill Stroke Stroke Style

3Apply Fill & Stroke Settings

Following the above steps, you can set the fill or stroke style of the selected object. You can use Solid Color, a set of gradient colors, or patterns or images for rendering style settings. For strokes, you can also set Pen width, Dash, Cap, Mark and other properties.

Fill with Solid Color Fill with Gradient Colors Fill width Patten
Stroke with Solid Color Stroke with Gradient Colors Stroke width Patten
Stroke Width Stroke Dash Style Stroke Cap