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How to Erase Drawing

1Choose Erase Tool

On the Main Ribbon Bar, switch to the "Edit" category. Find the "Erase Tool" tool button on the "Edit Tools" panel. Click to select it. As shown below.

Logo Creation - Choose Erase Tool

2Choose the most Suitable Options

When the Erase Tool is used as the current editing tool, a series of related options will appear on the right control panel. As shown below.

Logo Creation - Erase Tool Options

  • Mode: It decides which way the erasing tool works.
    • Delete Object(s): Use the Erase Tool to delete unwanted objects. When dragging the mouse on the canvas, if the position of the mouse is within the area of an object, the object will be removed from the canvas.
    • Cut Mode: Drag the mouse on the canvas to form a path. After the left mouse button is released, the area corresponding to the path will be 100% transparent. This means that as with any object that intersects with the path, the intersecting area will be removed from the object.
  • Width: Used to specify the pen width used for erasing. This is also a percentage ratio in a relative sense, and is related to the current viewable area size. The larger the value is set, the larger the erased range and the more objects will be erased, and vice versa.
    Logo Creation - Original Ellipse Logo Creation - Erase Tool Width = 2.0 Logo Creation - Erase Tool Width = 15.0 Logo Creation - Erase Tool Width = 30.0
    Original Ellipse Width = 2.0 Width = 15.0 Width = 30.0

    Tip: While dragging, press the Left Arrow key at the same time to make the width value smaller, press the Right Arrow key to make the width value larger, press the Home key to take the minimum value of 0.01, and press the End key to take the maximum value of 100.0.

3Drag Mouse Button for Erasing

If it is to delete objects, just drag the mouse over the visible range of the deleted object. If you want to remove areas on the canvas, you need to drag the mouse along the path corresponding to the area, and release the left mouse button after knowing that it is completely covered.

Logo Creation - Delete Objects Logo Creation - Cut Mode
Delete Objects Cut Mode