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Business Card Designer Pro is equipped with featured design tools and 1000+ templates to create nice business cards quickly and easily. You can print the cards on your local printer or export your design as PDF or JPG files or bring to a professional printshop for printing.

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How to Design Business Cards

  A business card is a symbol of a person's identity and contains many elements in its design, including fonts, colors, patterns, decorations and typography, which constitute the main elements that designers need to change to give a business card an instant aura and instantly deepen the memory. It becomes a medium to deepen the impression when people meet for the first time.

  Although the scale of a business card is usually not very large, the actual workload is not as small as its size. Business Card Designer Pro is an industry-leading business card design software that offers almost complete business card design and printing solutions. Here we talk about how you can use Business Card Designer Pro to customize your business cards with the best visual effects.

1Selecting the Size of Your Business Card

  The standard sizes of cards are usually 90mm X 54mm, 90mm X 50mm, 3.5in x 2.0in, etc. Among them, the size ratio of 90mm long and 54mm wide is closest to the golden ratio, so business cards of this size are widely used. Nowadays, vertical business cards are also very popular. When Business Card Designer Pro creates a new business card design, although it does not directly prompt you to enter the card size, it will ask you to choose a printing layout. In fact, the printing layout not only contains the size of the business card to be designed, but also contains a lot of printing information, such as the size of the printing paper, such as A3, A4, A5, etc. How many rows and columns are printed, and what are the row gap and column gap. Business Card Designer Pro provides 500+ commonly used printing layouts from almost all printing manufacturers. The business card designer can choose the most suitable printing layout based on the actual situation. Of course, the print layout will be modified later in the design process. In fact, as long as the budget and quantity are sufficient, the size and layout information of these business cards can be customized.

Select layout for business card design Modify layout Layout for business card design
Select Layout Modify Layout

2Design an Eye-Catching Logo

The logo on your business card is the core of your brand identity. You need to design an eye-catching logo that grabs the attention of your target audience. The logo should match your brand image and should also occupy an appropriate spot on your business card. The reason why the logo is used as the core design element of the business card is because the style, color and style of the logo determine the style and style of other elements in the business card. In other words, the subsequent materials for the business card are all centered around the logo. If you have a ready-made logo, preferably in vector format, then in the Ribbon Bar of the Business Card Designer Pro program, switch to the "Object" category item, and then click "Vector Object". In the pop-up Windows file dialog box, select the vector file corresponding to the Logo, and finally click the "OK" button. If you don't have a logo, Business Card Designer Pro provides powerful drawing capabilities that can help you quickly design logos that helps you enhance your brand value. Business Card Designer Pro not only provides more than 5,000 editable vector symbols. Compared with other business card software, it also provides complete and powerful vector editing tools, including Pen Tool for drawing straight lines and curves, Brush tool for hand-drawn graffiti, Node Tool for editing path nodes, and combination and disassembly of paths are used by Path Boolean Operation Tool, etc. With these, you can create logos of any shape.

Design logo for business card design

3Add other Graphic Elements

In addition to the brand logo, auxiliary graphic elements are also very important. The auxiliary graphic elements are designed based on the brand logo as an extension. The styles of the two are very close. Business cards usually have both front and back sides. The front content usually contains the name of the business card holder, the company's brand name, and the graphics to be displayed. The back usually contains the logo and other contact information. Let’s talk about several techniques for designing graphic elements in conjunction with Business Card Designer Pro.

  • Use Scene Illustration: Although the flat style design can be described as flooding, designers can still combine other trends to add freshness to the design, such as adding some hand-painted lines, misplaced small color blocks, etc. These details can give business cards elegance sense of sophistication. Business Card Designer Pro provides more than 500+ illustrations, which can be dragged and added to the business card design as needed, and different from the materials provided by other software, each material provided by Business Card Designer Pro is in vector format, all It can be edited again. That is to say, the color and style of the illustration can be adjusted according to the color and style of the brand logo. Make them look very coordinated.

    Insert Illustration to Business Card Designe

  • Use Geometric Elements: Circles, polygons and other common geometric elements are more popular background design elements in graphic design in recent years. They are often used in combination with other design trends. These simple shapes can express a simple and modern sense. Geometric elements are very suitable to be paired with monochromatic designs, and the color contrast between different elements can be used to enhance the attractiveness of the layout. Business Card Designer pro provides more than 5000+ vector symbols, which also contains a large number of geometric shapes. It can be added to the business card design according to actual needs.

    Insert geometric elements to business card design

  • Use Gradient Colors: Gradient color design is very flexible. Designers can freely combine the colors they like and apply them to the background of business card design to create a specific atmosphere. It should be noted that the gradient effect needs to be polished in a low-key manner and cannot dominate the scene. Fresh blue and white and blue and pink are good combinations. Gradient color backgrounds can be easily achieved in Business Card Designer Pro. Draw a rectangular frame in the design that is the same size as the business card, and then select Linear Gradient in the Fill panel on the right. Then choose a preset gradient style and make slight adjustments and modifications. Because it is a background style, the transparency of the gradient color needs to be adjusted very low to achieve an elegant effect.

    design gradient background for business card

4Add other Innformation

The business card is not large and the information should be concise. Business card information includes the following aspects:

  • Position: Introduce the work you are doing.
  • Phone Number: : After knowing the phone number, there is the possibility of further contact.
  • E-mail: More business contacts are in the form of e-mail.
  • Contact Address: Usually the address where the company is located.

The information on your business card should be kept simple and clear. You need to select the most important information and highlight it. The font on your business card should be large enough for people to read. On the business card, it is necessary to lay out various elements such as text, logo, and auxiliary graphics to make the picture look harmonious and unified. In order to ensure the readability of the text on the business card, when designing the text on the business card, attention should be paid to the choice of font shape and font size. You need to choose colors and fonts that suit your brand and target audience. In general, you should choose two or three different colors and use different fonts to highlight different information.

5Print Business Cards

In the initial stage of business card design, the printing layout of the business card has been defined. Of course, the print layout can be modified after the design is completed. If you have a high-quality printer locally, you can select Print in the File menu of Business Card Designer Pro. Otherwise, since business cards are mainly used for business-level interactions, it is recommended that you send them to a professional printing shop for printing. You can export business cards as high-resolution images in Business Card Designer Pro, and then take the images to a print shop for printing. The exported pictures can be exported without printing layout, which is very flexible. It can also have print layout information, and you need to make a choice based on the actual situation.

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