• Business Card Designer Pro

    The best business card software for design wonderful business cards and print cards on any printers.

    New Features

    V 3.96

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    Double-sided Templates

    Offer over 2000+ high quality double-sided and editable business card templates.

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    Numerous Design Materials

    Offer 5000+ pre-designed logo shapes and 500+ business clip arts.

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    400+ Print Layouts

    Support 400+ business card paper layouts for ink jet and laser printers.

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    Export Cards to Image

    Export design as pdf or jpg files and bring to a print shop for printing.

  • Business Card Designer

    The business card maker software is aimed to design and print your own professional-looking business cards.

    New Features

    V 5.11

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    400+ Business Card Templates

    Start your design journey by choosing a business card template.

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    Shapes, Clip Arts and More...

    Bring 300+ Clip Arts, 5000+ shapes, 100+ background images and textures etc.

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    Custom easily

    Customize business cards with your own texts, logos and symbols.

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    Print Business Cards

    Save business cards to images or print from printer directly.

V 5.11

March 31, 2018

Fixed some bugs when loading PSD or PNG image Files and supports more path operations.

V 5.10

February 5, 2016

This Business Card application enable users to perform path Boolean operations like Path Union, Difference, Intersection, Exclusion, Cut etc. for creating unique shapes.

V 5.08

December 20, 2015

The version Business Card program brings more pre-designed card templates for business design. It enables to add deformed texts to your business cards. You can edit the paths which are around the text objects easily and visually. It also supports you to distor shapes and texts by Perspective, Mesh Distortion and Lens tool. It provides Pencil Drawing tool for painting freehand lines on cards.

V 5.02

July 10, 2015

The program is rebuilt with MS office 2010 ribbon style and fixed bugs when printing. It enables you to draw polygons and star shapes with multiple sides.

V 3.95

January 21, 2014

Add more preseted business card templates for the program and fix some bugs.

V 3.90

April 4, 2013

Add more preseted business card templates for the program and fix some bugs.