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EximiousSoft Business Card Designer (Pro) is a greate graphics application for designing professional looking business cards. It brings 200+ pre-designed business card templates, 300+ logo objects and 2000+ shapes. Give you the ablity to create business cards from templates or custom with your own logoes, images, texts, symbols, shapes, lines and curves. Business Card Designer (Pro) supports visual layer editing and each drawing object can be made with drop shadow, glow, reflection, 3D bevel etc. effects and also to be scaled, rotated, mirrored smoothly. Shapes and texts can be filled or stroken with solid color, gradient colors and images. one is used as a layer to be edited visually and all of them are composed to final products. Business Card Designer (Pro) supports to print your business cards from local printer or save as images for outside, import and export GIF, PNG, JPG, BMP, PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI, TAG, TIFF, PSD,PDF etc. file formats.


Start your design with preseted Business Card templates, vector shapes and symbols

Business card designer (Pro) is dedicated to help users design and print high quality business card. Many logo templates,vector shapes and logo symbols are pre-designed with high quality and came with the application. you can add some of them to your design freely.

Start Business Card Designer (Pro), click "New business card" menu item from main meau, then you can start to make a new business card. You can see more than 200 pre-designed business card templates int dialog box. Choose proper category, then select your favorite template. What’s more, you can add your own logos, texts and pictures into Business card. In this simple way, a cool business card is created quickly.

Open "Shapes" view in the left of program, select suitable category, find vector a shape you want, click or drag it into your business card design.

Open "Cliparts" view, select suitable category, finds a logo symbol you want, click or drag it into your design.


Powerful vector drawing tools

Meanwhile, Business Card Designer (Pro) offer you a powerful drawing tool for vector shapes. In the vision of Business Card Designer (Pro), each vector shape is consisted of several closed paths. Each path is consisted of many continuous straight lines or curved lines. You not only use these preseted vector shapes directly, but also you can customize personal vector graphics freely.

Select "Customs Shape" tool button in "Home" category, then click to draw continuous straight lines, drag to draw continuous curved lines. Repeatedly doing previous operations, till finish premium outlook design, double click or click right key to finish this step.

Select "Move Anchor" tool button, move the selected node which in its own path to other locations where you expect.

Select "Add Anchor" tool button, add a new node to the selected path.

Select "Delete Anchor" tool button, delete selected node in its own path.

Select "Convert Anchor" tool button, convert curved lines to straight lines, or vice visa.


Powerful vector editing tools

Besides above functions, Business Card Designer (Pro) offer you powerful editing tools of vector shapes to help you design amazing eye-catching business card within very short time. Normally, a business card design contains many vector shapes, pictures, text objects. Each object has its own way to show in business card. Business Card Designer (Pro) offer you many ways to organize or manage these objects.

To move, scales or rotate shape or text objects by visual click or drag.

Select a tool button in "Fill inside" sub category, enable your selected shapes and texts are filled with solid color, gradient colors, images and textures.

Select a tool button in "Stroke Outline" sub category, enable your selected shapes and texts are stroked with solid color, gradient colors, images and textures.

Select a tool button in "Effects" sub category, enable your selected shapes and texts are rendered with drop shadow, reflection, glow, 3D bevel effects.

Select "Group" in "Home" category, group the selected shapes, texts and group object together so that they can be treated as a single object.

Select "Move Forward" tool button or "Move Backward" tool button in "home" category, to control your selcted objects are shown in front of or in back of other objects.


Print your business cards freely

Business Card Designer (Pro) offer powerful support for printing business card.

Click "Print" menu item from main menu, you can print business card by local or network printer. Business Card Designer (Pro) support to print with crops marks and corners marks.

Click "Print>Print Preview" menu item from main menu, you can preview what's your business cards which have been printed.

In the process of print or preview, in the dialog box of print options, there are many print layout stocks from Avery, Sigel, Herma, Formtec, Decadra, etc. for printing business cards. You can edit or modify the layout if it can not offer you what you want.

Click "Save As Images" Menu item from main menu , it enable you to export business cards to Bmp, JPG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, Tag, GIF, PCX etc..image files for outside printing in print shop.

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