EximiousSoft Logo Designer

The program is great software for logo creator, logo maker. You can create any shape graphics with drawing tools it provides. Logo templates, symbols, and gradient styles you can choose. Designer can be saved to image files or printed.

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The canvas is located in the logo maker software center section. In it, you are free to play with your design genius and ingenuity by using the professional and powerful design tools provided by Logo Designer to create the perfect and amazing Logos.

logo canvas

In canvas, the common operation is that the user selects one or more drawing objects at the same time by a single click or double-clicks with the Shift or Ctrl key, and then moves the mouse for drag and drop operations.

The canvas, by default, will automatically adjust (increase) its size as the drawing object changes. If you need a fixed-size canvas, please go to "Design" category and then click on the section which is marked with the arrow under the "Resize Logo" tool button. The "Fixed Canvas Size" menu item is popuped, click to make the option is checked.

fixed canvas size