EximiousSoft Logo Designer

The program is great software for logo creator, logo maker. You can create any shape graphics with drawing tools it provides. Logo templates, symbols, and gradient styles you can choose. Designer can be saved to image files or printed.

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Save Logo

Once you have completed the design of a Logo, you can export it to an image for publishing, or save it to an ELD file and then open it for editing or modifying, or just print it.

Save as .ELD File

It is highly recommended that you save your Logo design to an ELD file at any time, anywhere. Because the ELD file format is EximiousSoft Team defines a complete, proprietary storage method for the logo design program. It saves all the information the user has in the design process. When you open it, users can seamlessly undertake the editing work that was not completed last time. This is a decisive suppression of information loss due to program downtime, power loss, or operational errors.

Please choose Save or Save as menu item from Logo File Menu. The application opens a file dialog, select an existing ELD file or enter a new file name, then press OK button to finish.

Save as an Image

Please choose Save as Image menu item from Logo File Menu. The program shows the dialog box for export as following:

screenshot of exporting logo to image files

  • Image Format: Logo Designer supports current popular image formats such as JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP, PCX, TGA, TIFF, etc.
  • JPEG Quality: Only available for saving to JPG files, set by higher value make the saved image with higher quality.
  • Scaling: Set to get enlarged or shrink image of your original logo.
  • Transparent Background: Only available for saving to GIF,PNG files. It is selected to make the background of picture is transparent.
  • Trim WhiteSpace: Selected to trim whitespace.
  • Save...: It opens the image file dialog box, choose a picture or enter a new file name, press OK button, a new image is created. You can open the saved graphics using any standard picture viewer (e.g. Microsoft Paint, Microsoft Photo Editor, Adobe Photoshop) or email to someone.