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The program is great software for logo creator, logo maker. You can create any shape graphics with drawing tools it provides. Logo templates, symbols, and gradient styles you can choose. Designer can be saved to image files or printed.

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Cliparts List

EximiousSoft Logo Designer not only provides very abundant vector shapes, but also more than 400 beautiful cliparts. Each clipart is essentially composed of a plurality of vector graphics, and each one has its own unique shape, color, and style. In fact, each clipart, plus a custom slogan or slogan, is just like a newly created logo image. So, using cliparts can be more efficient, faster, and designing the logo you want. A large number of cliparts is the result of the wisdom of EximiousSoft's design team. Each Logo designer can find design inspiration from these cliparts to help them complete their design tasks.

To help users better search and use cliparts. More than 400 cliparts is roughly divided into 13 categories, corresponding to 13 different subdirectories. The user can select a different category by clicking a list item on the listbox, or click the corresponding button in the figure below to navigate to the corresponding category. When a category is selected, all the cliparts contained in the category will be displayed in the form of a list in the following window.

cliparts list

Click on a clipart to select a item and drag it to the canvas with the mouse. This way, your Logo design includes a new clipart. You can adjust the position and size of clipart according to your actual needs. You can also use other conversion tools do filter operations on it. For example, set drop shadow, reflection, texture, and other effects.

replace shape

If you want to hide or shown the Cliparts List from the interface, please go to "View" category and find "Show or Hide" section then click on the "Cliparts List" check button to make it is unchecked or checked.

show cliparts list