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Rotate Objects --- EximiousSoft Banner Maker

Rotate objects by drag


Select the objects

Please make sure the objects you want to rotate are selected firstly. If not, please select them by Selection Tool.


Click on rotation handle

Move the pointer over the rotation handle until mouse pointer becomes a circle.


Click on rotation handle

Move the cursor over rotation handle to rotate the selected object around the center point.

Rotate objects by toolbar button

Move your mouse button over the main ribbon bar of this banner maker program, then go to "Organize" category and then find "Transform" sub-category. Here it will be found the tool button "Rotate". You can do one of the following:

Select a angle value from the list box for rotating.

Click "More..." button. Then the "Custom Rotation" dialog will be shown. Just input the angle value for rotating.

Tip: You can rotate multiple at a same time by this way. Before rotating, you need hold the Shift or Ctrl key to select them.