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The program is a powerful yet easily software for creating banner ads. Web buttons and headers etc. web graphics. It provides a full set of professional image-editing tools and friendly interface to compose GIF, JPG, PNG images.

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Deform Text

EximiousSoft Banner Maker lets you create impressive text effects for banners. You can bend the text out of shape and distort the text.

A sample image that demonstrates distorted text

Create a Deformed Text

1Enter text distortion mode

Activate the "Drawing" category and find deform text tool button icon "Deform Text" tool button and click it.

2Click "Add Deform Text" tool button

The "Deform Text" category is shown and actived. find add deform text tool button icon "Add Deform Text" tool button and click it. Then a deformed text object with default content "New Deformed Text" is created and shown on canvas.

Edit Deformed Text

There are two ways to start editing deformed text, you can choose one of them as following:

  • Select the text object by clicking if it is not selected. Mouse mouse pointer over "Edit Text" tool button and click it.

satart to edit deformed text tool button

  • Select the text object by clicking if it is not selected.. Right click on banner canvas to show context menu, and choose menu item "Edit Text...".

Screenshot of choose editing text contextual menu item

Tip: When the "Edit Text" dialog box is displayed, You can edit the text content as any normal text object. For more details, please visit Edit Text page.

Edit Text Shape

Unlike a normal text object, the shape of a distorted text object is controlled by the two curves that surround it. That is, if the path of the curve changes, the shape of the text will change accordingly.

1Choose a sample shape

EximiousSoft Banner Maker offers a number of ready-made morphing styles and styles that you can select with just a mouse click.

Deformed text with many ready-made morphing styles

2Custom your own path

The banner program offers a number of tools for effective editing paths. With them, the path of the curve can be visually edited and modified to achieve the purpose of controlling the shape of the text.

tool buttons for editing the path of deformed text

Drag Deformed Text

  • you can change text size and position. For this click the text object. Then drag and drop the text to the new position.
  • Drag any of the corner handle to change the text size. Aspect ratio of the text will be maintained.
  • Drag the side handles to give the text a dressing down.
Drag Side Handle Drag Corner Handle