EximiousSoft Banner Maker

The program is a powerful yet easily software for creating banner ads. Web buttons and headers etc. web graphics. It provides a full set of professional image-editing tools and friendly interface to compose GIF, JPG, PNG images.

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Resize Canvas

Choose "Design" category and click resize canvas button icon tool button to change canvas of banner to a specified size. enter your desired dimension, and choose appropriate unit and image placement in dialog, then press OK button to finish.

screenshot of resize canvas

New Size

Resizes the underlying canvas only. All the objects remain unchanged.

  • Width: enter your desired width for your banner.
  • Height: enter your desired height for your banner.
  • Pixels: width and height are shown in pixel unit.
  • Percentage: width and height are shown in percentage unit of original size.
  • Preserve Ratio when resizing: checked to maintains the horizontal and vertical proportions when resizing.

Sizing Reference

Select how the objects should be repositioned after the canvas has been resized.

  • By Position: Repositions the objects according to the position button selected.
  • By Offset: Repositions the objects according to the defined horizontal and vertical offsets.