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Select Objects --- EximiousSoft Banner Maker

Banner Maker is actually a very powerful editor of vector graphics. Each graphic may be composed of multiple objects. Some of these objects may also be group objects. The so-called group object, it is more than a simple, simple object grouping. Therefore, in the editing of the Banner graphic, the drawing object constitutes the basic operating unit. If you want to modify some features or attributes of an object, such as changing the fill color of the object, set the dash style; for text objects, modify the font name, font size, text content, etc., you need to do first The thing is to select the object you want to edit.

Select an object in Edit Banner View

Select the object need to follow the following steps:


Selection works under "Selection" Mode

If EximiousSoft Banner Maker does not work in the Selection mode, move your mouse button on the main ribbon bar of this banner maker program, go to "Drawing" category and then click tool button.


Click to select the object

Move the mouse button to the object you want to select, then click in the object of opaque area (usually the mouse in this region back into a cross shape). At this point, the object will be selected.

When an object is selected, it will be around 8 to 9 Selection handles, and to show the distinction between the object is unselected.

Selected Object Unselected Object

Select multiple objects at same time

EximiousSoft Banner Maker also allows you to select multiple objects at the same time. It can also batch to certain objects for the same operation. You can choose one of following operration.


Press "CTRL" or "SHIFT" key when clicking for selection

You can use the following methods to select multiple objects. Select an object by clicking. Click mouse while holding down the SHIFT or CTRL key until the object is selected.


Make a net selection

In Edit View, click on a location where no object, and then drag the mouse to draw a rectangle on the panel box. Release the mouse button, and the position of the rectangle intersects with objects will be selected.

Deselect one or more objects

If you inadvertently include more objects in your selection than you want, you can easily deselect one or more objects.

To deselect all shapes: click a blank area on banner design.

To deselect a selected shape: press CTRL key and click a shape to cancel its selection.