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EximiousSoft Poster Designer enables poster designers to have strong design capabilities and maximize their talents. This is due to the fact that it provides a dozen very specialized graphics drawing tools and very intuitive operations. In the design, you can quickly get very detailed context help documents while Undo, Redo can be repeated anytime anywhere as your needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Poster Designer

What is the difference between the unregistered version and registered one?

The registration process means that Poster Designer obtains a complete use authorization. The design within registered version can be printed or exported as images without any watermark; but the non-registered version is marked with a "Trial Version" watermark. At the same time, the registered version can arbitrarily export the poster design to PDF, SVG, SVGZ, EMF, WMF, PS and other vector format files; the non-registered version cannot.

I don't have any design experience, can I use this software to design posters?

Yes. It is 100% sure. EximiousSoft Poster Designer provides a large number of templates with a wide range of needs. Every time you design, choose the most suitable template as the design draft. On this basis, you can make a professional-level poster by modifying the slogan, text, slogan and other text content.

Can I sell posters I designed with this poster program?

Yes, but not all. For a user who has purchased a license, he has 100% permission to use the software and related materials. So he can sell his own posters or other commercial activities. But for non-registered users, this is not allowed and accepted.

Can the templates, clip arts, and shapes materials in this software be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, but not all. If you have purchased a license for EximiousSoft Poster Designer. Then you can freely use these materials and apply them to various commercial or non-commercial occasions. This is acceptable and permitted. But if you have not purchased a licnese license. The above behavior is not allowed.

Do I need to connect to the Internet when registering the license code?

Yes. In order to prevent a license code from repeatedly registering on different machines, a valid license code can be registered at most three times on different machines. More than three times, it will prompt registration failure. And this process is the result of the need to connect to the Internet to access the database.

How to send the designed poster to an outside printing shop for printing?

Please save the poster designs as a PDF files, or export them as high-resolution PNG, JPG, TIFF format image file. Then take this files to the print shop for printing.

Does the Poster Program support reading AI files generated with Adobe Illustrator?

Yes. Please select the Open or Import command in the File main menu, then select the AI file you want to open in the file dialog box that pops up, and confirm that you can load the AI file by clicking the OK button. If you need to open other types of files, such as CoreDraw .cdr file, it is best to convert it to an SVG file, and then open it with EximiousSoft Poster Designer, the effect will be better.

Can the drawing elements in the design materials provided by it be modified?

Yes. EximiousSoft provides templates, clip art, and more than 5000+ primitive symbols, which are all editable, deleteable, and modifyable objects based on vector format. For primitive symbols, you can directly use the Node Tool to edit them. If you want to edit a certain part of the material in the template or clip art. You may need to use the Selection Tool to select them, and then repeatedly ungroup them before you can edit them.

Why can't some text in the poster template be edited directly with the cursor?

Yes. Sometimes, in order to achieve more dazzling visual effects, some text objects may appear to be characters in appearance, but in essence they are path objects. This is because the text outline has basically been finalized. If you want to achieve some unexpected effects, you need to convert these texts into paths, and then use the Node Tool to transform these "texts" into any desired shape or outline.

How do I update my Poster Designer program?

Please always pay attention to the announcement on Poster Designer's official website. If a new version is released, Please go to the page https://www.eximioussoft.com/poster-designer-download.htm and download the new installation package.

Can this Poster Design software run on Apple Mac OS

No. EximiousSoft Poster Designer currently only has a Windows platform version. If the demand for the Mac OS platform is strong in the subsequent stage, a version of the Mac OS platform will also be considered.

Why does it prompt that the license code is invalid when registering?

If you purchased the license while using the previous old version. The registration code may only be used in the current old version. Once a new version of Poster Designer is downloaded, its registration mechanism maybe change. Therefore, the old license code may not be successfully registered. You need to write email to the EximiousSoft support team and tell them your Order ID, and they will provide you with a new license code.

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