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How to register my software?

After you purchase the software successfully, you will receive registration information via Email within one business day. Download the software you bought from our site and run it. Click "Register" tool button in toolbar, enter your email address and license code in the corresponding box to finish the registration.

Note: Since the email address and license code are letter-sensitive, please COPY and PASTE them. And don't add any blank before or after it.

How to retrieve the registration code?

If you didn't receive the registration code promptly;
If you couldn't register the software successfully;
If your lost your registration code due to the computer re-installation,etc.
please contact us for help.

Note: To get prompt and specific support, please provide the Order Number and the email you use to place your order or attach the confirmation e-mail from payment platform in your first e-mail. This will help us locate your order soon.

How long will I receive the license code after the purchase?

A: Normally you will receive the license code by Email immediately after your successful purchase. However, sometimes you didn't get it for some reasons (for the details, please see below).

1. Please provide valid Email address when you fill the order form.
2. Please keep registration information of the software you received well for further use.

I entered the license code you sent to me, but the software said "invalid serial number". Why?

There are following possibilities to cause the failure:

1. This is caused by entry error.
You'd better copy and paste the email address and license code to avoid a typo. And please don't add any blank before or after the code.

2. License code is for the old version, but you use it to register upgrade version.
The registration code you received from us is only valid for the version when you placed the order. If the software is upgraded, please go to our Support Center and retrieve the latest Download URL and registration code.

3. The registration code doesn't match the version
The registration code you've received from us is only valid for the latest version of the program. So please make sure you've downloaded the software from the Download URL included in the registration e-mail.

How to check the version number?

Launch the software, click About tool button, you will find the version number there.

4. Make sure the software you are registering is the software you've purchased.

If the above is all correct, you still could not register the program successfully, please submit your ticket from our support center with the screenshot of the registration window .

Can I apply the upgrade for free after purchase?

You can always get normal update version of the software for free. For all our products, you can get the update version from our website. Your original license code is still valid for the update version. As of the upgrade, it is permanently free, too. But for some upgrades, you need to get the new license code to upgrade your software. If your license code is invalid for the upgrade version, please contact us to get the new one.

Note: License code you purchased for the old version is invalid for some upgrade version.

Why I didn't receive the license code for several hours after my purchase?

We suggest you confirm whether your order has been successfully processed by checking on:
ShareIt: https://www.mycommerce.com/shopper-support/

If your order is validated, There are several possible reasons:
1. Because of your Email setting, the letter with license code went to Trash directly. Please look for the letter there.
2. Your Email service provider rejects Emails from unknown senders, so the license code cannot be sent to you. Or you can tell us your situation, and we will contact them for you.
3. You provided invalid Email address when you ordered the software.
If you are under one of the last two situations, please contact our Sales Team to get assistance.

I have paid for the program, but why is it still showing as unregistered?

1. Make sure you activate the program with your licensed e-mail and registration code. Launch the software, go to the top main ribbon bar, choose Software name > Registration, you can check it there. After registration, the program will be registered as a full version.

2. If you want to remove the limitation of the trial version, such as watermark. You need to edit your original file again via the full version.