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EximiousSoft Vector Icon is equipped with the most professional vector graphic design tool to create icons. But in the production process, every designer can easily control it. This is due to its very intuitive and visual operation, as well as detailed contextual help documentation. Even if you are not good at drawing and painting, you can use vector Icon to create professional icons.

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Frequently Asked Questions for Vector Icon

What is the difference between the unregistered version and registered one?

EximiousSoft Vector Icon has been released as free software since 3.91. It does not limit any used time, the output does not have a watermark, and does not have any other functional restrictions. Therefore, after version 3.91, no registration is required, and any user can use it normally, so there is no difference between the registered version and the non-registered version.

Is EximiousSoft Vector Icon compatible with Windows 10?

Yes. EximiousSoft Vector Icon can run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8 and other platforms, and of course it can also run on Windows 10.

Can I create PNG-compressed icons with EximiousSoft Vector Icon?

Yes. EximiousSoft Vector Icon supports the creation of multi-resolution icons. The image of each size is allowed to contain an alpha channel and is compressed within PNG format.

Can I create PNG format images with EximiousSoft Vector Icon?

Yes. EximiousSoft Vector Icon can not only export icons in Windows system format, but also in PNG format. They can be widely used on Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Linux/Unix platforms. Of course, it is also possible to output images in other formats. For example, JPG, TIFF, BMP, GIF, PSD, etc.

Can I use the icons in the icon library for commercial purposes?

Yes. EximiousSoft Vector Icon can easily access cloud servers. Where are the massive icons deployed. Each icon is carefully designed by the EximiouSoft Team. The purpose of providing them is to help users design icons more quickly. So the icons in the icon library can be used for any purpose.

Is it compatible with Windows 2000 and XP?

No. EximiousSoft Vector Icon requires Windows Vista or superior to run.

Can the icons in the icon library be edited and modified?

Yes. All the icons in the icon library are saved in vector format. After it is downloaded from the cloud server, it can be opened directly in Vector Icon. And Vector Icon is a powerful vector graphics editor, you can easily modify it before publishing.

Do the icons created with EximiouSoft Vector Icon support alpha channel?

Yes. EximiousSoft Vector Icon fully supports the generation of RGB + Alpha icons, that is 32-bits icons. Of course, Vector Icon also supports the generation of icons with masks in the traditional sense.

Can I create Windows 2000/XP icons with EximiouSoft Vector Icon?

Yes. EximiouSoft Vector Icon supports all icon formats including those for Windows 2000 and Windows XP (with alpha channel).

How do I update my Vector Icon program?

Please always pay attention to the announcement on Vector Icon's official website. If a new version is released, Please go to the page https://www.eximioussoft.com/vector-icon-download.htm and download the new installation package.

I don’t have any design experience, can I use Vector Icon to create icons?

Yes. EximiousSoft Vector Icon is equipped with a large number of professional vector graphic design tools, but it is very simple to use. At the same time, the program comes with a detailed context help document. You can also use the icons in the icon library as a basic template to design icons with only a few modifications. So as a novice, using this tool can also create professional-level icons.

Can I customize icons with gradient colors?

Yes. EximiousSoft Vector Icon is a vector editor in the standard sense. It supports using gradient colors to fill or stroke vector elements, which is very intuitive and concise. There is also a visual gradient tool for setting gradient colors, which is very convenient.

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