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EximiousSoft GIF Creator give you the most powerful ablity to create GIF animation and edit GIF images. GIF Creator has all essential image painting tools for editing images. It also provides 60+ preseted effects to create animated GIF images with one clik. GIF Creator can produce the smallest size animated GIF pictues but without quality lossless, supports layer editing and undo, redo anytime anywhere.


Edit GIF Animation and Manage Frames

Gif Creator is a powerful software which creating GIF animation. Normally, there is one or several frame images in an GIF animation. Each frame is an individual picture. When creating GIF animation, you probably know that there are many frame pictures in animation. GIF creator can help you easily edit or manage these frames.

Click "Open Video File" menu item from main menu bar to load partially intercepted or all frames from various types of video (eg AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV, WMV).

Click "create a Blank frame" tool button on Frames List Bar. you can creat a new frame image, nothing in this new frame.

Click "Add Frame(s) from images file(s)" tool button on Frames List Bar. It enables to import several frame images to your animation from exernal images files.

Click "Delete Selected frames" tool button on Frames List Bar, delete the frames you don’t want to need.

Click "Duplicate the selected frames" tool button on Frames List Bar, create new copied frames from original selected frames.

GIF Creator supports to set up delay time for each frame image showing on the screen.


Visual Layer Editing

In GIF creator, the individual frame image is consisted of several layers or objects. You can decide the location of each object in frame image and to show it or not. In Objects Control Panel, GIF creator offer many tools to manage objects visually.

Click "New object" tool button to create a transparent fully object.

Click "Duplicate object" tool button to create new copied objects from original selection and add all of them into frame.

Click "Add Image(s)" tool button, import image objects into frames from external picture files.

Click "Delete Images" tool button, to delete the objects you don’t want.

Click "Combine as single object" tool button, to combine all selected objects into a single one.

The other buttons in "Objects Control Panel" can help you to lay object's showing consequence: it means to let an object in the front of others.


Editing Frame Image Easily

If each frame picture is definite, the remain job is to edit or adjust frame image if needed. Before edit, you need to select the target frame in Frames List Bar, then the target frame will be shown in Edit View. You can use all picture editing tool to modify, decorate it, till get what you want.

First, select the target object by clicking it in the frame. If the target object is hidden, please try to find it in Objects Control Panel and make it is visible.

If you want to modify portions of an image object, you can use the selection tools such as Magic wand, Lasso selection, Rectangular Selection, Elliptical Selection, etc. to select the areas only you concerned.

After finish selecting object, you can do operations such as cut, copy, clear, crop, or Image filters to adjust the colors or image effects conversion.

Click "Delete Images" tool button, to delete the objects you don’t want.

Besides the tools mentioned above, you can use Flood fill to fill your concerned areas with a solod color; to clear some parts in image object which you don’t want; to draw pictures you expect with paint brush.

There is 2000+vector graphics inside GIF creator, you can load some of them as vector graphics. Each shape supports solid color or gradient colors fill and stroked.


Quick Create, optimize, Preview Animation

GIF creator offer many powerful functions to help you quickly create, optimize or preview animations.

Try to find "effects" menu in "home" category, then select a effect sub menu item, you can see specified process during converting into amazing animation. In each transferring effect, there are some options, you can select specified option to get animations as you want.

Try to find "Add Banner" tool button in "home" category, you can quickly creat amazing banner ads.

"Resize Animation" can help you to scale all objects in the animation, while resize canvas only can adjust the dimension of canvas.

Select "Optimize" view, you can optimize all frame images in animation to get GIF file with minimal size, but no loss in picture quality.

Select "Preview" view, you can preview the animation in Web browser directly.

Users Reviews

This is a great GIF creator. In fact, according my experience from using it, Eximioussoft GIF Creator is the best from all software in its field. It is very effective, it provides a great number of effects and the use of it gives a hight quality resault.
- Altious

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