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The program is an excellent and powerful picture editing & picture converting software. Each composed image is consisted of several layers (or objects). You can easily do job like scale & rotation images, colors adjust, quality improvement, filter transform, screen capture with it.

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How to edit photos or pictures by Cool Image

Part 1. Import & Export

Import from image files and export to with all popular image formats.

  • Click "File --> New" menu item to start to edit a new image. During process of initialization, it only includes one completely transparent layer.
  • Click "File --> Save as" menu item, you can save your image by formats like JPG, GIF, BMP, PSD, PNG, TIFF, TGA, PCX, ICO, CUR, ANI etc. so you can convert different picture format freely.
  • Click "Capture --> Full Screen" or "Capture --> Windows or Controls" menu item, you can capture the full screen or a window box as an image.
  • Select a sub-menu item in "Adjustment" menu. You can adjust red channel, green channel, blue channel and alpha channel for a whole image layer or its selected portion.
  • Select a sub-menu item in "Filter" menu. You can use the selected filter to transform a whole image layer or its selected portion.
File Menu in Cool Image

Part 2. Layer Editing visually

What’s more, EximiousSoft Cool Image offers many tool buttons in Objects Control Panel to manage layer objects.

  • Click "New Object" tool button to make a completely transparent layer object.
  • Click "Duplicate Object" tool button to create some new copied layer objects base your selection and add all of them to composed image.
  • Click "Delete Object(s)" tool button to delete the layer objects you don't want.
  • Click "Combine as Single Object" tool button to combine all selected layer objects into one single object.
  • There are many other tool buttons in Objects Control Panel which can be used to adjust the showing consequence of layer objects. For example, put some objects in front of others.
Object Control Panel

Part 3. Offer Powerful Image Editing Tools

EximiousSoft Cool Image offers many visually image editing tools to change your images efficiently.

  • Magic Wand Selection: select image areas that match the color you select with the wand.
  • Rectangular Selection: select a rectangular area on an image.
  • Elliptical Selection: select an elliptical area of an image.
  • Lasso Selection: create a freehand selection.
  • Flood Fill Tool: add color to parts of an image by replacing all pixels that are similar with a selected color.
  • Erase Tool: remove colors from your image.
  • Pencil Tool: Draw your expected vector graphics freely.
  • Add Text/Shapes:To draw high quality and very smooth text characters, rectangle, ellipse, polygon etc. shapes.
Toolbar in Cool Image

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