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History of EximiousSoft Cool Image

Release notes

EximiousSoft Cool Image 2.00 release March 11,2006

  1. • Provides selection tools such as rectangle, ellipse, lasso, magic tool can be used to cut,copy, move specified portion of an image.
  2. • Provides erase tool which is used to get rid of unwanted portions of pictures easily and visually.
  3. • Provides vector drawing tool which are used to draw the smoothest lines,shapes,and texts.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 2.08 release April 24,2006

  1. • Support to capture full screen or individual window as an image.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 2.18 release June 26,2006

  1. • Support to transform image smoothly.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 2.28 release August 15,2006

  1. • Provide more shadow shapes and paint text with outlines.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 2.33 release December 2,2006

  1. • Supports multilingual fonts.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 2.50 Released March 10,2007

  1. • Rotate and resize object/layer visually.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 2.52 Release April 11,2007

  1. • Make the program's interface with WinXP style.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 3.00 Release October 28,2007

  1. • Support many powerful filters from this verison.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 3.10 Released November 11,2007

  1. • Improve the process of importing and exporting image files.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 3.20 Released December 15,2007

  1. • Improve the selection tools and change the interface.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 3.20 Released December 15,2007

  1. • Fix some bugs when importing or exporting image file.

EximiousSoft Cool Image 3.30 Released January 7,2008

  1. • Fix some bugs when importing or exporting image file.

Users Reviews

Wow, powerful picture edit program! Including a lot of picture design function, good!
- (Uwe)

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