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Banner Maker Pro offers professional graphic-designed tools and high quality prepared banner templates, cliparts, symbols, filters. With which, you can design professional printable business banners and web-based graphics quickly and easily.

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How to Make a Banner

Designing the perfect banner ad involves a lot of creative work. For example, first conceive the theme of the advertisement, then select the background, design materials related to the advertisement, then focus on the slogan of the advertisement, and finally consider the overall visual effect. EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro is a powerful banner design software that provides 1000+ banner templates and massive design materials. Using these materials and the powerful design tools provided by Banner Maker Pro, you can efficiently complete the banner design process.

1Open Banner Maker Pro

After Banner Maker Pro is launched successfully, the design wizard will give the designer three design options.

  • Start the design journey on a blank Banner. This option has higher requirements on the designer. If you are pursuing personalized banner ads and are very proficient in applying various drawing tools, then you can choose it.
  • Design a banner based on an existing ad template. This option is what we advocate and recommend. Banner Maker Pro has massive design resources,You can make full use of these resources to improve design efficiency.
  • Open the existing banner design file. In fact, this idea is consistent with the second template-based idea. If the currently designed banner has many similarities with the previously designed Banner. On the basis of the latter, a little modification can be done to realize the creation expected by the client.

Option 2 can be selected after Banner Maker Pro starts, or by selecting the "Templates" menu item from the File menu. As shown in the screenshot below.

Open Templates Dialog in Wizard Open Templates Dialog by Menu Item
Open Templates Dialog in Wizard Open Templates Dialog by Menu Item

2Select a Banner Tempalte

Banner Maker Pro provides 1000+ templates, which are roughly divided into 15 categories. By selecting a different category in the list box on the left, you will browse all the corresponding templates in the category in the list view on the right. During the browsing process, if you find that a certain Banner template is very close to the desired design, you can open the template by double-clicking the mouse or clicking the mouse and then clicking the "OK" button, and then open it. It should be noted. Banner templates are all downloaded from the EximiousSoft server, it may be a little slow when loading for the first time.

Select banner template

3Edit Banner Template

First of all, you may need to modify the text in the template, because this is closely related to the theme of your ad design. Double-click an existing text object or create a new one with the mouse. Then choose the font, font size and appropriate color. Due to the versatility of the template, most of the text in the template chooses common and standardized fonts. In fact, in order to make the advertisement have a better visual impact, it is recommended that you choose some personalized and novel fonts to attract your customers and audiences. In addition to modifying the text theme, you may also modify some related materials. For example, Logo, etc. Banner Maker Pro supports importing materials from external files, or directly replace them with the provided materials. If you want to edit a specific object, double-click it with the mouse to enter the editing state. It should be noted that, due to the nested inclusion of group objects, sometimes it may be necessary to double-click the object multiple times.

Edit banner text

4Publish Banner

When you're done designing your banner ad, it's time to publish your work. Banner can be published as a bitmap format, such as PNG, JPG, Webp, GIF and other commonly used web image formats. In the file menu, select the "Export to Image" menu item, or you can publish it as a vector image format such as SVG, SVGZ, PDF, AI, EPS, PS, etc., select the "Save As" menu item, and then select the corresponding format.

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