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How to Design my own Banner

  When we walk on the street or cross the road, we often see businesses or brands using banner ads to promote themselves. When we browse all kinds of websites, we are often attracted by the very beautiful web banner ads. Banner ads not only attract consumers' attention, but also deliver important information directly to the target audience. But how to create a successful banner ad? EximiousSoft Banner Maker Pro is the answer. It is a banner design software with powerful drawing capabilities and a huge amount of materials, specialized in helping users to design banners for use on websites or outdoor printable banners.

  In the previous section, we have introduced the process of creating Banner through templates. It should be said that through the method of template customization can quickly realize the process of creating banners. However, the homogeneity of the templates created through templates are very high, and the uniqueness is not strong. If your customers have strong personalization needs, you may need to go all out in designing every detail from the beginning to the end. Here's a brief description of how Banner Maker Pro, a software tool, can deeply customize the banner ad process.

1Determine the Size of the Banner

  Many of the banner ads used on the web have a common size. For example, web banner ads on Facebook, YouTube, etc. have a constrained size. However, for print ads, you need to determine the size of the banner and the materials required according to the actual needs. Generally speaking, the size of the banner needs to be determined according to the location of the display and the size of the venue.When Banner Maker Pro creates a new banner project, it will ask the user to input the size of the newly created banner. Of course, the size of the banner can be adjusted at any time during the design process according to the actual needs. During the size migration process, most of the vector elements will adapt to any size without any difference if they keep a good proportion. However, some image materials are constrained by their own proportions, and adapting to other sizes will make the display effect somewhat affected. Therefore, it is better to decide the size of the banner at the early stage of design.

Specify Banner Size

2Clear-cut Topic

  In layman's terms, it is that aspect of the message that the banner ad conveys to the potential customers. The subject matter of the ad should be clear and unambiguous, enabling people to understand the core message of the brand in a short period of time. Accompanied by high-definition text and images that should provide key information as quickly as possible, rather than rambling text descriptions.

3Designing Basic Banner Content

After the theme is determined, you design the content of the banner according to the theme. The first thing is the background image, you can search related material on the internet according to the theme direction. You can also use Banner Maker Pro to open other banner templates and copy and paste the background of other templates into the current banner design. Next, you need to organize other materials. For example, a logo that identifies your company's brand, a QR code that links to a purchase, etc. Banner Maker Pro provides over 5,000+ vector symbols and 1,000+ clipart materials to help you simplify the design process. All of these materials are based on vector format and at the same time are completely editable. That is to say, after dragging and dropping them into the banner design, you can edit them as needed to harmonize with the overall layout. In addition, you can also import materials from external files. In the Ribbon Bar, select the "Object" category. If the material is in bitmap format, click the "Bitmap Objects" button. For vector buttons, select the "Vector Objects" button. If you want to insert a QR code, select the "QR Code" button.

Insert Banner Material

4Designing Eye-catching Slogans

It should be said that the slogan is the theme that best reflects the banner design. All slogans must be placed in the center of the banner, not only with beautiful fonts, but also with large enough font size. In order to make the slogan look more creative and create better resonance with the audience, Banner Maker Pro provides a series of text distortion tools. For example, Perspective, Circle Text, Wave Text, as shown below.

Perspective Text Circle  Text Wave  Text
Perspective Text Circle Text Wave Text

5Proper Layout and Typography

  Images and text in banner ads need to be properly laid out and typed in order to present the message and improve the readability of the ad. The text should be as clear as possible, the font size should be appropriate, and the distance between words should be increased appropriately. At the same time, the placement of the images needs to take into account the visual effect and the purpose of conveying the message to achieve the optimal effect in the entire advertising space.
  In conclusion, an effective banner advertisement requires comprehensive consideration of a number of factors, including message communication, brand image, visual elements, positioning strategy, size ratio and layout typography. In the actual design, it should be personalized and innovative according to different scenes and different customer needs. Only by meeting real user needs, banner ads can truly fulfill their functions, improve the awareness and image of goods or services, and contribute to brand development and sales growth.

6Publish or Print Banner.

  If the banner is to be used on a website, you can publish it as a vector in SVG format, which is well supported by most browsers nowadays. Choose "Save as" from the Banner Maker Pro File menu, and then select SVG format from the options. If you are using a bitmap format, choose PNG, or WebP for high compression and lossless image quality. Select the "Export to Image" menu item from the Banner Maker Pro File Menu, and then select the PNG, or Webp format. If you want to print the banner, select the "Print" menu item from the File Menu.

Publish & Print Banner

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